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Broken Khmer Family in New Era of Modernization

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2017 TONG SOPRACH ការ​បែកបាក់​សមាជិក​គ្រួសារ​ខ្មែរ ​បែប​សម័យ​ទំនើប​នៅ​តែ​បន្ត “Chinese chases away Cambodian chasing away the ghost” it is the old saying while Chinese people flew into Cambodia and headed for the city or downtown to compete for the works and markets; that was the reason persuading some Cambodians to sell out their lands or houses and relocate to the…

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Digital Mapping to Improve the Environment in Phnom Penh

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 03 JULY 2018, TONG SOPRACH ឌីជីថល GoGreen Cambodia កំពុង​ចូលរួម​កែលម្អ​បរិស្ថាន Talking about waste management  in ASEAN region, three countries are getting the most criticisms just pop up to mind; these three are the Philippines having waste mountains in Manila, Indonesia having plastic sea at Bali and Cambodia  being flooded because of the waste congestion along the roads and canals…

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Digital era Khmer reading and writing are not a big deal any more

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 02 JANUARY 2018, TONG SOPRACH សម័យ ឌីជីថល ការ រៀន អាន និង សរសេរ ខ្មែរ គឺ លែង ជា ឧបសគ្គ The habit of complaining over the lack of Khmer (Cambodian language) learning materials, places to study and availability of additional devices is inconvenient for the present day. In fact, some students themselves are lazy learning and lack of confidence or  encouragement…

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Soprach Enjoys “HeForShe”

Tong Soprach is Social-affairs Columnist, The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer Edition and Social Public Health Researcher. He is gender sensitive man. He strongly supports “HeForShe”.

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Any corruption activity must be charged equally: if not, release the 5 human rights activists

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 27 JUNE 2017, TONG SOPRACH NOTE: This column contributed to the royal government’s decision releasing the four ADHOC Officers and a NEC Deputy-Secretary General for two days after publication: Groups welcome court’s release of the ‘Adhoc 5’ បើ​អ្នក​ស៊ី​ និង​អ្នក​សូក​មាន​ទោស​ដូចគ្នា អ៊ីចឹង​មាន​​តែ​នាង​​ខុម​ ចាន់តារាទី ​ហៅ​​ស្រីមុំ ​ត្រូវ​ជាប់​ឃុំ​ដែរ Any accusation against any law on an article or based on this or that case…

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Cambodia could play the role of mediator in Korean unification

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 11 JULY 2017, TONG SOPRACH កម្ពុជា​ អាច​ដើរតួ​រក​ដំណោះស្រាយ​បញ្ហា​កូរ៉េ​ទាំង​ពីរ Witnessing two siblings fighting to the extent that a setting a border is necessary hurts. When it happens to two countries, the measures taken to settle such disputes can be hot or cold. The North-South dispute nearly divided America and resulted in a Civil War, but President Abraham Lincoln was still…

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Why National Hospital Service Delivery remains ignoring the poor?

Unofficial Translation from The Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer edition TUESDAY, 06 JUNE 2017, TONG SOPRACH ខំ​ពង្រឹង​តែ​សេវា​សុខាភិបាល​មូលដ្ឋាន​ឲ្យ​ល្អ ​តែ​សេវា​មន្ទីរពេទ្យ​ជាតិ​ បែរ​ជា​ព្រងើយ​កន្តើយ While leaders at each ministry, institution, and department were preoccupied with election campaign by going in to their target areas ahead of commune election last week, the ordinary officials were required to attend political rallies during working time (It’s unofficial requirement but they suffered from their bosses’ pressure at workplace…

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Don’t underestimate the importance of commune elections

Share from original source: The Phnom Penh Post’s English Edition Opinion: Don’t underestimate the importance of commune elections FRIDAY, 2 JUNE 2017 TONG SOPRACH The upcoming 4th mandate of commune council elections is an achievement resulting from the Decentralisation and Deconcentration Reforms (D&D) starting in 2000, with commune elections arranged for the first time in 2002. Since then, every commune election has usually received less participation compared to…

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The Life of Simple Man, Tong Soprach, an Accomplished Social-affairs Columnist

Unofficial Translation from APSARA Khmer Magazine/ 25 DECEMBER 2013, VEN CHHUNHEAT Translated by Taing Rinith ជីវិតសាមញ្ញលោកតុង សុប្រាជ្ញ អ្នកវិភាគសង្គមដ៏ស៊ីជម្រៅ Anyone in Cambodia, no matter it is the ordinary person, the motor-taxi driver, the government official or the politician, must familiar with the name “Tong Soprach”. This name belongs to a social-affairs columnist who is prominent for his analytical articles weekly published in the Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer Edition. Some…

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